Kenwood TS-570D Panadapter

A Panadapter is know by many names. The most scientific and correct might be “radio spectrum scope”, but the most common in the ham sphere is “panadapter” or “pan-adaptor” in my short experience. Basically, it’s a wide panoramic view of a radio spectrum.

For a ham, it’s normally used in conjunction with a transceiver or a set of transceivers. It’s also common that the computer doing the spectrum visualization is connected to the transceiver via CAT or similar, so that a click in the spectrum view tunes the transceiver to the desired frequency.

To achieve this you can invest in really expensive SDR hardware, or you can go this route (amongst others), which I did with my Kenwood TS-570D:

2 thoughts on “Kenwood TS-570D Panadapter”

  1. Same rig and followed your video but I get no signal in HDSDR. If u plug in a spare antenna like the one that comes with the USB dongle I can hear and see local freqs. I even got omnirig working, but it appears nothing is coming out of those if pins…even made another cable and tested continuity with a multimeter. Is there something obvious I’m missing? Thanks for a great video!!

    • Jay,
      I really have no idea. Are you using the same dongle? n1vca said in a comment on the youtube video that the IF port impedance and the dongle antenna impedance should be as close as possible. Perhaps that is the issue? I don’t know enough about impedance to know what I’m talking about here…


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