Hole in the wall

This is my “shack” before the modification. It’s not tidy enough to earn that name, therefore the quotes. My loud computer is to the right of my nice silver mic there on the table. The side is open to reduce the need of high fan speed and the accompanying loud noise.

On the other side of this wall is my garage. It is not always cold but it’s always cooler than the “shack”. So SA6ANW (All Night Whisky) came up with the brilliant idea to put the computer in the garage. Here’s a marking for the hole.

After some difficulty making a straight hole the size of a small plumbing pipe with the longest drill bit covering only half the thickness of the wall, I finally got to feed some wires through.

I “built” a nice “shelf” to out my power supply and my PC on, and connected it all.

That’s my wood lathe right beneath. I’ll have to invent a dust screen before I ever use it again.

This is a view from the “shack” side. The first three holes hit the piece of wood that holds the adjacent wall there, so I moved to the left.

And, the final result, a “shack” without noise, and a computer that can run its fan without disturbing me.