New shack

I outgrew the tiny closet and built a proper office/workshop inside my garage. Half of the new space is set up with my work desktop and future ham station, and the other half holds the workshop part with my laser cutter, 3D printers and work table.

It’s very cluttered at the moment, so I’ll post pictures some other time.

I’m back!

I recently got introduced to DMR and bought msyelf an AnyTone D878UVII Plus, got it programmed and had my first couple of international QSOs within a day. Wonderful stuff this! Perfect entry way for hams who don’t want to get stuck on the technical side, but actually get past that mic fright.

So now I’m thinking about what HF antennas I can fit on my roof, to get back on the real waves with this newfound courage.

I currently lurk mostly on 1206 Regional SM6 and 1216 Swedenlink, but go ahead and call on DMR ID 2400649 on the Brandmeister if you want to get my attention.