About Me

My name is SA6HAM, but some people still keep calling me Mikael for some reason; Mikael Grön.

I’ve been a ham for five years, nine months and 10 days and it’s been a total blast from start to continuation. Well except for a long pause that started in 2018. I have been active again since I got introduced to DMR one month and 29 days ago.

I’ve built a couple of antennas and done a lot of listening, but – sadly – so far my only QSOs have been on two meters and DMR. I’ve CQ:ed for an hour in total, which is way too little – I know – but the people I hear are all speaking Italian or Russian so it’s really scary. Or that was the case on HF at least. It’s a bit different on DMR. I guess it’s because people know they can reach further than the local area so more people are speaking English. I actually got my first couple of international QSOs one month and 25 days ago!

I have three kids and spend a lot of quality time with them and my wonderful wife.

  • I am 40 years and 21 days old.
  • Nora is 12 years, nine months and eight days old.
  • Viggo is 10 years and nine days old.
  • Vidar is five years, five months and 29 days old.
  • My wife’s age is none of your concern. 🙂 but I can tell you we’ve been married for 11 years, one month and four days and we’ve been together for 15 years, 10 months and 16 days (but who’s counting)

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